Buying process of a property in Spain

Which steps to take when you have a verbal agreement? Reservation contract. At the moment you agree upon price and other basics, the seller has to take the property of the market. This is done by the so called signing of a reservation contract and the buyer has to make a deposit of usually € [ Read + ]

The notary in Spain

The notary in Spain is a party occupying a public position. They check the identity of the parties involved in the purchase and make sure that the money involved in the transaction is traceable. The notary however has no responsibility regarding the content of the deeds drawn up. For example a notary will not check [ Read + ]

The lawyer in Spain

Why we always advise you to get your own independent lawyer, who looks after your interests only during a real estate transaction. You are buying in Spain, a country with different laws and customs than you are probably familiar with. Furthermore there is usually a large sum of money involved so it would be wise [ Read + ]

Running costs of a property

Besides the standard costs of owning a property such as maintenance, cleaning, repairs, utility, etc there are a few taxes and fees that have to be paid for by the owner. Property Ownership Tax (IBI in Spanish), the owner, being a Spanish resident or not, has to pay this local tax. It is calculated on [ Read + ]

Costs involved when buying in Spain

There are several taxes and costs involved when buying a property in Spain, as it makes a difference if you buy a new property from the developer or a resale we will explain both. New property from a developer: VAT, (IVA in Spanish), this tax is applicable if the property is sold for the first [ Read + ]

Property Requirements

Clarifying your property needs makes your search easier and reduces the chance of you buying a property that isn’t right for you. Just some things to think about: Will this be a holiday home for just a few weeks a year, (semi) permanent living and /or an investment property? You personally might like a tranquil environment [ Read + ]