Plusvalía, how much do you have to pay when selling your property?

Selling a property in the area of Marbella, Estepona or Benahavis but don’t know how much plusvalía you have to pay?

We’ll give you an estimate* without any costs involved how much you will have to pay.

To be able to do that we need you to send us by email the following:
A copy of the IBI or Basura tax
Purchase date
Selling date** (when left blank we will take the last day of the year)
Your Email
Your Telephone

* The calculation is based on the data you give us and the current tax laws and tax rates and no rights can be derived from this calculation.
**The Plusvalía tax depends on the amount of time you have a property in possession. We understand that if you have not sold your property at the moment you do not have a date of going to notary but we’ll have to work with a date to be able to calculate an estimate.

Send these documents to or contact us.

Plusvalía is officially know as I.I.V.T.N.U. (Impuesto sobre el Incremento del Valor de los Terrenos de Naturaleza Urbana) and is a tax that is calculated over the supposed increase of the land on which the property is constructed during the time of ownership, the longer you own a property the higher the tax will be.

Lately there is quite a bit of controversy regarding this tax, especially if you did not make a profit. However most town halls do require that you pay the tax and if you don’t agree should go to court. We don’t want to go into this, this is for lawyers, we however will give you the estimate according the current calculation methods. There are some other exceptions that will get you a discount on the Plusvalía, however that needs to be discussed with your fiscalist/lawyer.

This information has been complied with the greatest possible care, but no rights can be derived from this information or calculation.