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The lawyer in Spain

Why we always advise you to get your own independent lawyer, who looks after your interests only during a real estate transaction. You are buying in Spain, a country with different laws and customs than you are probably familiar with. Furthermore there is usually a large sum of money involved so it would be wise [ Read + ]

Running costs of a property

Besides the standard costs of owning a property such as maintenance, cleaning, repairs, utility, etc there are a few taxes and fees that have to be paid for by the owner. Property Ownership Tax (IBI in Spanish), the owner, being a Spanish resident or not, has to pay this local tax. It is calculated on [ Read + ]

Costs involved when buying in Spain

There are several taxes and costs involved when buying a property in Spain, as it makes a difference if you buy a new property from the developer or a resale we will explain both. New property from a developer: VAT, (IVA in Spanish), this tax is applicable if the property is sold for the first [ Read + ]

Property Requirements

Clarifying your property needs makes your search easier and reduces the chance of you buying a property that isn’t right for you. Just some things to think about: Will this be a holiday home for just a few weeks a year, (semi) permanent living and /or an investment property? You personally might like a tranquil environment [ Read + ]

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